ECO DCA™ (Dust Control)

ECO DCA™ (Dust Control)

Dust control and caking have traditionally been some of the biggest issues faced by fertilizer manufacturers, and most current dust control agents are made from petroluem based oils that have detrimental effects on the environment and workers health with long term use. Eco DCA™ is a vegetable oil derived alternative that promises superior benefits beyond dust control and anti-caking properties.



Eco DCA™ is a bio based dust control and anti-caking agent used in biofertilizer and other pellet manufacturing applications. This vegetable oil derived chemical serves as a binding agent, preventing biofertilizer granules from breaking apart releasing hazardous dust particles during manufacture and storage. It also traps moisture within the individual granules which prevents the formation of clumps of granules- a process commonly referred to as caking.


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