We offer assistance all across the value chain for a wide variety of first and second generation waste conversion technology applications including composting, anaerobic digestion, pyrolysis, torrefaction, hydrolysis, hydro-thermal liquefaction, microbial fermentation, etc. in industries including food and beverage manufacturing, renewable chemicals, waste management, dairy and meat production, agricultural applications, water treatment, biogas and biofuels etc. We work with clients from conception through scale up and commercialization to develop solutions that convert your organic waste from a cost center to a profit center! 

At the core of our business model is working to fill gaps in value delivery along the waste conversion value chain. By uniquely positioning ourselves and employing a technology agnostic approach, we are able provide practical green solutions  to both waste generators from traditional industries facing challenges with managing organic waste from their manufacturing processes and  the growing number of companies looking to increase the sustainability profile of their products and services. Our systems generate process ready feedstock and bio-based products for commercial and industrial applications.

Practical “green” solutions for managing commercial scale organic waste challenges

Development of bio based process ready feedstock and products for commercial and industrial applications looking to reduce their carbon footprint in a cost effective manner.

Services We Offer

Anaerobic Digestion

Project design Substrate analysis Process optimization Biogas optimization Digestate analysis


Substrate selection End product formulation Nutrient optimization

Microbial Fermentation

Nutrient recycling, growth media, biomass recycling


Feedstock Selection, Biomass Pretreatment